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Acupressure, as well as therapies such as Shiatsu and reflexology, are based on the concept that a person's energy or life force, known as chi or qi, travels through the body along pathways called meridians. According to Chinese practicianers, a blockage in the flow of chi results in discomfort, pain or even disease. Acupressure is the process of pressing on these points to release the blocked energy, promote pain relief and relaxation.
Innovative Acupressure products that energize and invigorate 
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Acupressure Fitness products were created to allow you to relieve stress and tension by stimulating your skin, nervous system and muscles. It creates an energizing and invigorating sensation that is effective in improving blood flow and relaxation. We encourage you to learn more about acupressure and consider our products as part of your overall health and fitness program.

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